ECOINOMI DECENTRALISED MULTICURRENCY CRYPTO WALLET WITH SUB WALLETS FEATURES. Ecoinomi is an ecosystem that is built exclusively for one purpose to serve ordinary people. This system will function to exchange cryptocurrency, to list tokens made by companies during ICO and to exchange directly with XCOM or FIAT. Ecoinomi Team is bringing DAPP Multiple Crypto Currency wallet with new features that are Sub wallets with any number of cryptocurrency adding option. Ecoinomi Platform to support all new crypto projects to promote hold their tokens & coins in Ecoinomi secure decentralised wallet.

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J&B Exchange steps in to the Milestone of Three Years in Crypto Trading Industry

J&B Exchange steps into the Milestone of Three years in Crypto Trading Industry.J&B successful completion of the three-year milestone in crypto Industry, J&B promotes best cryptocurrency in the crypto industry the Ripple (XRP) is a must hold cryptocurrency for the retirement plan. J&B spreads the awareness of cryptos to the common man. J&B believes Ripple XRP will be the best investment for Sureshot investors to get the safe and best return on their investments.J&B plans to launch the best secure crypto wallet in the crypto industry with nominal fees.

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